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Alex Corleone Ref by OrangePinkRose Alex Corleone Ref by OrangePinkRose

Alex is an original character in a story I'm writing.

[G E N E R A L]

Name - Unknown

Alias ​​- Alessandra "Alex" Corleone

Age - 17 years

Magic - Biomantic (Druid in common language)

Level - Not initiated / Apprentice / Sorcerer / Mystic


[S K I L L S]

Magic used -

- Judgment of life: helps to distinguish the living from the dead bodies (zombies, vampires, etc.) and evaluate the chances of life of the injured.

- Medium: She can see and communicate with ghosts (no control).

- Auras: Can see auras (expression of feelings and powers) and track those families.

- Astral Projection: The user leaves your soul connected by a wire to his body, while the first moves without boundaries around the world.

Magic within reach -

- Shield: physical and magical protection supported by her bioenergy (which moves the bodyand used in excess can kill you), its power depends on their concentration and energy to lead to this.

- Communion with Nature: Communicating with animals and plants, and manipulation of the past (even if they grow, they can n't return to their original state).

- Healing: Wound healing whose potency depends on her concentration and bioenergy to lead to damage.

- Animal Spirit: Ability to take the form of animal with which she feels more affinity.

- Necromancers Powers: It is said that some druids can enter the Path of Death, though no one really knows if it is possible.

Weapon - Rune Gun. His prints renew bullets charger, provided they are not being destroyed (can be deformed by the collision, however).

   Force - Exploration and tracking. Speed.

   Weakness - Attack and defense. Psychological pressure, pain tolerance.


[A P P E A R A N C E]

Hair - Dark brown, curly. Length to mid-back

Eyes - Light Green (left eye blind). Big, full eyelashes.

Skin - Clear, with a tendency to burn.


Build - Low and rounded.

Earrings / Tattoos - Three small stainless steel rings, two in the left ear.

Marks - Several chemical burns, especially in the left arm. Scar on forehead, right temple.


[C H A R A C T E R]

Personality -

It's a quiet, withdrawn and socially inept girl. Noted for being very close to her family and to ignore, sometimes neglecting the rest, even if it makes her feel lonely often, so she values the few friends getting as if they were real family and is very sensitive to their actions, coming to take the jokes as an attack.

Always seems to be thinking about something else or ignoring what goes around, although not so (not always). Too conformist according to some; passive according to others, often lack initiative and his indecision and insecurity does not help, but if any provision or the like does not like will be ignored with barely a thought. Very dignified and proud.

She is fond of punctuality, pragmatic and unforgiving, somewhat naive and paranoid. It's hard to lose the patience to scream but doesn’t look that says a lot of swear words and almost expect it.


Likes - Studying social sciences, reading, music, flying, being alone, joyful, expressive people.

Dislikes - Noise, dancing (it's quite clumsy), the sun, the crowds, the queues, the superficial and cruel people, meat.


Story - W.I.P.


Trivia -

- After fleeing with her mother and the disappearance of this, it was that her discovered magic and unconventional side of her family.

- Her "grandfather" gave so costly weapon.

- It's vegetarian.

- She is very fond of the cut sleeve used to hide her scar.


Base by DHF and Hollay. TheHWord
Alessandra Corleone belongs to me

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